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Previous Payroll Provider Access Link Reference

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The previous provider access component (PPAC) guides employers through how to grant access to their payroll history, enabling a more seamless transfer of data.

Check out the Payroll Implementation Guide for more information about all the other steps.


Check is When I Work‘s embedded payroll partner. In order to migrate data from your previous payroll provider, you may be asked to grant access to Check as an authorized user. This greatly reduces the implementation time as well as minimizes opportunity for error.

Using the component

If you did not list a previous payroll provider in the Early Enrollment Form, you are directed to select your previous payroll provider. Otherwise, you skip directly to a guided instructions screen corresponding to your previous payroll provider.

You can provide Check access to your payroll history through two methods:

  1. Provide direct access to an online payroll provider.
  2. Upload payroll history reports.

If you have an online payroll provider, you are strongly encouraged to provide direct access to their previous provider account by adding an authorized user. This method grants access to all information needed to set up the company.

You are guided to copy Check’s email, [email protected], and to go into their previous provider account to grant access to this email address, typically as an accountant user.

If you need additional information to set up an administrator or accountant user:

  • First Name: Payroll
  • Last Name: Setup
  • Phone Number: 856-830-6462

Once you have provided access to [email protected], click I’ve created an administrator and submit.

Paychex Flex

If you are migrating from Paychex Flex, you can simply provide your Paychex Flex account number, rather than creating a user account for Check.

Help & FAQs

If you run into issues, Check has built-in provider-specific guides that go through how you can direct access to your provider.

Method 2: uploading historical payrolls

This may be a good option if:

  • You have been running payroll manually.
  • You use a desktop-only payroll provider.

You can upload reports on the Report upload screen. Hover over the question mark next to each report type to list the information required in each report type.

Upload employee details, pay history, and tax filing reports. If you do not have all report types, upload what you can and Check Embedded Setup will reach out if any additional information is needed.

Do not upload a report more than once if the report encompasses more than one listed category. If uncertain, upload more information to reduce back-and-forth.

Once you have finished uploading reports, click I’ve uploaded all available reports above and Submit.

Updated on March 25, 2024

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