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A job site is an optional way to identify a specific location where a shift takes place. When you add a shift to a schedule, you can assign a job site to the shift to let the user know where to go.

You can use job sites for shifts that take place off-site from your normal workplace, or to designate specific locations inside your workplace. Since job sites are optional, shifts without job sites take place at the normal schedule location.

Unsure of whether to use schedules or job sites for your locations? See When to Use Schedules and Job Sites for more information.

You can also manage job sites from your iOS device or Android device.


  • You must have supervisor, manager, or admin level access to create a job site.
  • Supervisors can only create job sites for their schedules.
  • Admins and managers can edit all job sites for all schedules.
  • You can import job sites using our import tool and pre-formatted spreadsheet.

Create a job site

  1. Hover over , then select  Job Sites.
  2. In the top-right corner, click Add.
  3. Enter the job site details.
    1. Name: (Required) Enter a name for the job site.
    2. Schedule: (Required) If you have multiple schedules set up, select the schedules the job site applies to.
    3. Color: (Optional) Click    to select a color for the job site. Job site colors appear when you filter your schedule based on job sites.
    4. Location: (Optional) Add an address for the job site to tell your users where they should go for their shift. If you are using Time Clock & Attendance, your Attendance Settings may require an address to be entered for time clock in verification. A map displays after you enter the address.
    5. Notes(Optional) Enter details about the job site. Users can view the description if their shift is assigned to the job site.
  4. Click Add.

Update a job site

  1. Hover over , then select  Job Sites.
  2. edit job siteClick that corresponds with the job site.
  3. Make your changes to the job site.
  4. Click Save in the bottom-right corner when finished.

Delete a job site

  1. Hover over , then select  Job Sites.
  2. Click that corresponds with the job site.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

Search job sites

Use the left sidebar to search for specific job sites.

  1. Click the search bar.
  2. Type the name of the job site you want to find. The list is filtered to your search criteria automatically.
    search job site

Filter job sites

Use the left sidebar to filter job sites based on schedules.

  1. Click Schedules .
  2. Click the next to the schedule to deselect it.
    filter job site
Updated on February 9, 2023

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