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Exporting schedules allows you to download a spreadsheet with your schedule information. Export schedules if you’d like to keep a record of them outside of When I Work. Schedule exports can be customized to fit your needs.

Check out Can I Export My Data? for more information on exporting other data from When I Work.


  • The schedule export is split into two tabs. The first tab contains a list view of the schedule within the specified date range. The second tab contains your user’s total scheduled hours and wages.
  • The export includes both published and unpublished shifts.
  • Schedule exports include up to 4,000 rows of data.
  • The export does not include time off. Check out our article on exporting time off requests.

Export schedules

  1. Click Scheduler.

  2. Click the in the top right corner of the scheduler.
  3. Select Export Schedule.export schedule menu item
  4. Configure your export:
    1. Select a Start Date and End Date.
    2. Select other options for the export as needed:
      • Click each menu under SchedulesJob SitesPositions, or Users to select items to narrow down your export.
      • By default, the export splits up shifts by assigned schedule. If you prefer the export not to be split up by schedules, uncheck the box next to Split into separate schedules.
  5. Click Export. The file downloads to your computer.

NOTE: To view schedules of archived users, make sure to keep the Users menu is set to ‘All’. 

Updated on June 10, 2024

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