Labor Sharing Release Notes

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What’s New?

Labor Sharing is a way to increase your shift coverage by looking at eligible and available employees on your other schedules. Use Labor Sharing when you need to fill vacant OpenShifts, backfill dropped shifts, or find coverage for your employees’ planned PTO.



Advanced Feature

Don’t see this feature? Check out the plans page to upgrade to a plan with access to Labor Sharing.


  • Share shifts between schedules using Shared OpenShifts.
  • Edit your existing schedules’ OpenShifts to be Shared OpenShifts, or create new Shared OpenShifts.
  • Schedule Shared OpenShifts in the When I Work web app, on your iOS device, or on your Android device.

More Information

For more information about Labor Sharing, use the following article as your guide.

Updated on September 20, 2023

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