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Searching, Filtering, and Sorting Workplace Objects Release Notes

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What’s New?

The workplace objects pages have been updated for a more consistent and modern look and feel. Workplace objects are found under the Workplace menu. They are the elements that make up your When I Work account so you can schedule and track time for your workplace. This includes users, positions, tags, schedules, job sites, shift templates, task lists, reports, and documents.

Enhanced searching, filtering and sorting options on each workplace objects page makes finding the workplace information you need faster than ever.



  • Across all workplace objects pages:

    • New and enhanced sorting, filtering and search options.

    • Added the ability to delete/archive records in bulk.

  • On the Employees page:

    • The Employees page is renamed to “Users” to differentiate between employee access level and user profiles and records.

    • The custom sorting option moved to the Scheduler page.

    • The ability for admins and managers to deny a pending user’s request to join a workplace. Doing so deletes the user record, removes the user from the User list and does not display them in the archived user list.

More Information

For more information about searching, filtering and sorting workplace objects, use the following articles as your guide.

Updated on November 2, 2022

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