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Manage Additional Time Off Types

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You can create additional time off types to align with your workplace’s time off policies. There is no limit to the amount of additional types you create and they can be set as unpaid, paid, or both.

This is useful when you want to add types like Jury Duty, Bereavement, or a Floating Holiday.


The default types (Holiday, Personal, Sick) cannot be deleted. These can only be disabled. For more information on default time off types, see Time Off Types.

Add new time off type

  1. Hover over , then select  General Settings.

  2. Scroll down to Time Off Requests.
  3. Click Add another type.add additional time off
  4. Enter a title for the new type, check whether it is Unpaid or Paid, then press Enter.type name of time off

Delete time off type

  1. [web-gear-general settings]
  2. Scroll down to Time Off Requests.
  3. Click  to delete the type.delete additional time off
Updated on February 3, 2023

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