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Overlapping OpenShift Coverage Release Notes

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What’s New?

The overlapping OpenShift coverage option allows employees to pick up OpenShifts that overlap with currently scheduled shifts. This permits employees to double up on shifts that have overlapping times if the employee can cover enough of the OpenShift.


  • Overlapping OpenShifts can be used without or with shift bidding (OpenShift pick-up approval) enabled.
  • The overlapping OpenShift functionality is enabled and configured in Scheduling Settings.
  • Employees see trimmed available OpenShift times relative to their assigned shifts.
  • On the scheduler, management can see when an OpenShift was trimmed at the point it was taken or approved in the shift history.

More Information

For more information about overlapping OpenShifts, use the following articles as your guide.

Updated on August 31, 2022

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