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Overtime Visibility Release Notes

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What’s New?

Overtime visibility displays the overtime impact when scheduling. Your account’s overtime thresholds are used to calculate an employee’s potential overtime when assigning a shift.



  • Overtime visibility is available right in the Scheduler, where you can switch between Hours mode and forecast tools  mode for weekly employee totals, and schedule day and week totals.
  • Positions filters and Job Site filters take into account displayed hours, wages, and overtime alerts. This lets you see overtime impact by position and job site as you build your schedule.
  • Overtime impact of shifts is displayed when creating a shift from a shift template or creating a custom shift.
  • Max hours and overtime impact is displayed for affected employees when offering an OpenShift to specific employees.
  • A badge appears for any employee that will acquire max hours or overtime when processing swap requests, drop requests, and when finding a replacement for a shift.

More Information

For more information about Overtime Visibility, use the following article as your guide.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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