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Submitting Absence for Employees

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Submitting absences on behalf of employees allows you to record the absence or find coverage for the shift.


In order to submit an absence on behalf of another employee:

  • You must have supervisor, manager, or admin access privileges.
  • The shift has to be published.
  • The shift’s start time must be within the next 24 hours or has already passed.


  1. Start from either the Dashboard or the Scheduler.
    • From the Dashboard, click View Details on the shift and then click Report Absence.
    • From the Scheduler, click on on the shift and then click Report Absence.
  2. Type a note and then click Save.
  3. An Absence block will appear on the Scheduler above the Shift.
  4. (Optional) If you want to find coverage for the shift, click Absence.
  5. Click Get Shift Covered. You can either Move to Open (A) or Find Replacement (B).
  6. If you select Move to Open, the shift will be moved to the OpenShift row and be available to any eligible user. If you select Find Replacement, you will have an option of which users are offered the shift.
    A. Checks all users.
    B. Unchecks all users.
    C. This will uncheck any users with a red icon.
    D. Click the red icon to see the reason for the alert.
    E: Any checked user will be offered the shift. Click the box to change if it’s checked or not.
    F: Type a message if you want.
    G: Click Offer Shift to send it to the selected Users.
Updated on February 12, 2024

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