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WorkChat Enhancements for iOS and Android Release Notes

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What’s New?

WorkChat has been updated so you can customize your communication with your team from the iOS and Android apps.



  • Remove users from channels: Now you can simply remove employees from channels instead of creating a new channel.
  • Improved channel creation: Create new channels without having to first send a message. 
  • Quickly find employees: Employee names now appear in alphabetical order, so it’s easier to manage who is in your channel.
  • Improved search and filtering: Use enhanced filtering and Select All options to quickly add and remove members in channels.
  • See when others are typing: Keep the conversation flowing with indicators that others are typing in the chat at the same time. 
  • Start each day with a date: The current date displays at the very top of the channel before the first message each day, making it easier to know when messages were sent.

More Information

For more information about WorkChat, use the following articles as your guide.

Updated on August 29, 2022

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