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Two-Step Verification Technical Reference

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About two-step verification

Two-step verification adds a second layer of security to your account by requiring another method of verification beyond your initial password. Two-step verification is a way to ensure secure access to When I Work for everyone in your organization. Any malicious access attempts to When I Work accounts require a password and an authentication code in order to succeed.

About two-step verification with When I Work

When I Work offers two-step verification as a way to confirm appropriate users are performing sensitive actions in your profile or as an optional feature for your account.

Once enabled, two-step verification is required at each login to When I Work. All access levels of users can opt-in to enable two-step verification for their account.

When I Work has implemented two-step verification in two methods depending on the type of mobile device the user has access to:

Re-authentication requirements

Re-authentication is required in the following instances:

  • When a user attempts to update their email address.
  • When a user views sensitive information in Payroll.

Login workflow

Two step workflow

  1. At the login screen from any device, enter your email address and password.
  2. You are then prompted to enter an authentication code either from an authenticator app or an SMS text.
  3. Verify the code to complete the login process.

More information

Use the following articles to enable and manage two-step verification.

Updated on May 22, 2024

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